Architectural Engineer Contract Dealership With Mike



Contract no. EIGP 78429



Employer name

Kim Hangul Jun Mike

Employer address

50490 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia

Employee name

B & G Construction Engineering

Employee address

St Andrews 321 Scotland/ Utrecht Nederlands

Starting From


Place of work

Kok Lanas, 16450, Kelantan, Malaysia

Contract Worth:

£68,000,000 (Sponsored)

Contract Manager:

Mike Hữu Công

Contract Dealership with:

Kim Hangul Jun Mike (£210,000)

Contract Status:

Pending (In-Progress)

Contracting for job title / position:

Construction Engineering grade III. (Architecture)




Work Duties – are to:

1) Communicate with staff or clients to understand specific system requirements

2) Provide advice on project costs, design concepts, or design changes

3) Verify stability, interoperability, portability, security, or scalability of system architecture

4) Collaborate with engineers or software developers to select appropriate design solutions or ensure the compatibility of system components

5) Evaluate current or emerging technologies to consider factors like cost, portability, compatibility, or usability

6) Provide technical guidance or support for the development or troubleshooting of systems

7) Identify system data, hardware, or software components required to meet user needs

8) Provide guidelines for implementing secure systems to customers or installation teams

9) Monitor system operation to detect potential problems

10) Direct the analysis, development, and also operation of complete computer systems

11) Investigate system component suitability for specified purposes make recommendations regarding component use

12) Perform ongoing hardware-software maintenance operations, including installing or upgrading hardware or software

13) Configure servers to meet functional specifications

14) Develop or approve project plans, schedules, or budgets

15) Define analyze objectives, scope, issues, or organizational impact of information systems

16) Develop system engineering, software engineering, system integration, or distributed system architectures

17) Design conduct hardware or software tests

18) Establish functional or system standards to make sure operational requirements, quality requirements, and also design constraints are addressed

19) Evaluate existing systems to define effectiveness suggest changes to meet organizational requirements

20) Research, test, or verify proper functioning of software patches fixes

21) Communicate project information through presentations, technical reports, or white papers

22) Complete models simulations, using manual or automated tools, to analyze or predict system performance under different operating conditions

23) Direct the installation of operating systems, network or application software, or computer or network hardware

24) Train system users in system operation or maintenance

25) Perform security analyses of developed or packaged software components

26) Develop application-specific software

27) Develop efficient effective system controllers

Termination of employment

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Dividend Per Year


Hours of work

8 per day

Meal intervals

4 per day

Sunday work


Public holidays


Annual leave

4month/per year

Sick leave


Maternity leave


Family responsibility leave


Deductions from remuneration


Accommodation leave


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B & G

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