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If you want to wake up early in the morning energized and full focused to start the day – this is for you.

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You start as soon as you enroll and will have immediate and lifetime access to our online curriculum, live calls, and private community. And you can rest assured you’ll never feel alone in your journey, as you have immediate lifetime access to the program, when you enroll

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I am sure you have heard of it before


Maybe you have tried it already


but you didn't know how


saw no progress


and gave up...


Start improving yourself with these questions TODAY:

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask
Tony Tobbins
Bestselling author and NLP-Trainer

You are on the right track for a better life if...

  • You feel unhappy
  • You live unhealthy
  • You want more from yourself

In this course you will learn:

You can't do it alone

If you think you can master it just by yourself, while at the same time the best basketball players of all time need help from coaches, then you are wrong.

Why I got the solution for you

I have started self improvement 3 years ago, trying out all sorts of things from morning routines to gratitude journaling. Making more experiences and learning the hard way, but most of the time wasting a lot of time and money. I want you to save that time I wasted as a beginner and lead you to your goal as fast as possible. I have helped a lot of people, even my family, with positive feedback only. Everyone does self improvement already. The difference is concious of subconcious. Picking an apple instead of a piece of ice-cream is self improvement too and everyone knows about it at least subconciously. Even your parents want to do it, because they want the better for you, which is picking the apple. Everyone knows that picking the apple is the “correct” decision, because it gives more advantages than disadvantages in the long run. That is only the surface of self improvement, the subconcious part. Here in this course I want you to become concious of your actions and actively better your life with your own control.

My mission

I want to help people. I want to see everyone become their best version of themselves. I don’t want only me to be proud of them, but their parents, grandparents and great grandparents. I want to see winners… Creators… with a story to tell how far they have come from where they started. The options are success or regret. Which one do you take? Let losers want to take your spot until they realize what it takes to play your position.

Maybe you have not heard of self improvement before. This is the perfect place for you

Self improvement, also called self development, is basically self expaining. It is just improving yourself, becoming a better version of yourself. To be better today than yesterday.
Self improvement may seem simple on the surface level, but the bottom level is deep, which makes is often too confusing, not knowing where to start and how to start, even though it’s absolutely necessary and to me even the purpose of life.
And that’s why it’s important to get help from someone experienced first to not only know what to do, but also know how to do it correctly. That is absolutely necessary and without that knowledge and support to know how, many have failed and became miserable, sometimes even worse than before they started self improvement.
For example: Your problem is that you can’t do a one-handed push-up and you want to learn that. Someone will say that you have to train regular push-ups before being able to do a one-handed push-up. Now you know what to do, which is the first step, but your problem is actually that you don’t know how to do a one-handed push-up, neither a regular push-up.
So you do 50 push-ups everyday for a month and after that month you realise that you have extreme back pain and can’t do one regular push-up anymore without horrible pain.
You got even further away from your goal and that is just because you didn’t know how to do a push-up.

Why even bother improving yourself?

You can rearrange that question to make it clearer: “Why even bother doing good instead of bad?”
or: “Why even bother eating healthy?”
or going even further: “Why even bother taking no drugs everyday?”
Now, you see, you don’t want to take drugs, because it harms you and you know it harms you, even though it makes you happy in the very moment. It’s obvious that drugs or other unhealthy consumptions don’t give you a happy, fulfilled life. Self improvement is the exact opposite. If you don’t want to self improve, go ahead, take your drugs, drink your alcohol, instead of working on your new business and see what happens. Does that make you and your ancestors proud? Do you think that makes your short life a great life? Time is ticking, improve before it’s too late.